Friday, April 1, 2011

What I should have said...

Those who know me know that I am nosy.  I love to know what is going on, usually if I come back into work after being off a few days the first thing that I ask is "what did I miss".  I can't help it, not that I run off an repeat EVERYTHING that I hear, usually I just keep it to myself, you would be surprised at what I do know and how much I know sometimes. I just hate being the last to know something!!  That being said, this is something that I have tried to work on.  I mean do I really need to know everything that is going on?  Short answer in my mind is YES, but reality is no.  

I had a dear friend come to me not so long ago and told me "I need you"... my response to her  "what happened." She told through tears and I did my best to support her love her and give her the best advice that I could.  I felt good about myself!! I gave great advice, I helped sooth a situation for two people I love, and totally righted all the wrongs that were in my world for that moment.  Why then a few hours later did I feel so bad? 

Then I realized what I did.   My friend came to me with a problem and I asked the wrong questions.  Instead of filling her needs I filled mine and got the gossip first.  Not that I did this intentional, but I did.  I made her rehash something that was deeply personal and hurt her.  My question should have been "how can I help".  Did it really matter to me what happened?  Or was it that she came to me with a need and asked for my help?    So in helping her she really helped me, I learned that I need to be a better listener to my friends ... I need to fill their needs, not mine. I have learned in my life that in giving to others I receive the most in return.  I just need to remember this and apply it to all areas of my life!!  Thanks for reading my first blog, hope that I didn't bore you to death!

God never asks us -- "What happened?"
He says: "I love you -- I am your friend"


  1. Thanks little cuz you brought up a great point. We must remember to put others first. Love you and the blog is cool.

  2. Your blog is very beautiful. I love you! :)

  3. Yes, you are nosy!