Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 Day you Challenge Day Five: Five Foods

I have been looking forward to this post, and dreading it all the same.  How cruel is this one that while on a self imposed food restriction aka diet I get to talk about my favorite foods.  So here I sit and type while craving all the things that I can't have!  On a good note I will add that I am down almost 34 pounds! between Daniel and I we are at 75 pounds lost! He weighs in again on Thursday he has a goal in mind and I know that he's going to reach it!  I feel like I have done nothing but gain weight this week, I am not looking forward to seeing the scale in the AM.  Here we go!

1) Tacos!! I love them. They are quick and easy to make and totally yummy! Last summer Daniel and I started having my brother Marc and his girlfriend Amanda over on Thursdays and that turned into us cooking dinner and spending the evening together.  This is now something that I look forward to weekly.   Taco's have been a feature of the night more then once.  One of my favorite restaurants is Tumbleweed, anytime I get to pick where I want to go that is in my top 2.  They have amazing taco's covered in queso! and YUM Taco Bell!

2) My Mother In Law Sharon's Fried Chicken, Corn bread stuffing, and Veggie Casserole.  Daniel's mom is one of the best cooks over the years I have eaten at her house 100's of times and it never gets old.  I could list numerous dishes that she makes that are amazing.  Her burritos are wonderful too!  Daniel wants me to add in her Chili is amazing too.  

3) BBQ bacon cheeseburger... this I have been dreaming about every night when I am getting ready for work.  This will be the first thing that I eat when my "core" diet ends one day very soon!  I might throw it up, but it will be well worth it.  Tonight is a hard night usually when Daniel gets his hair cut he usually brings home Five Guys burgers... tonight I feast on Brussels Sprouts, and a baked potato.  

4) Cupcakes I love them! When we were in NYC I fell in love with Crumbs a bakery I became addicted and even hauled 6 cupcakes via my car back from NYC.  Now that is how much I love them.  Here at home there is a good bakery called Gigi's its pretty good, gives me my fix when I need it.  I discovered a few months ago that you can go online and order cupcakes from crumbs.. I am hoping for my birthday this year I might get a surprise package in the mail that involves a  Cosmo cupcake from Crumbs or a Grasshopper one! (hint hint)

5) Last but not least Anti-pasta Salad from Buca Di Beppo I am a huge salad person I love them.  I discovered this salad in the last year and sometimes its all I think about!  Daniel and I usually get the small and it is enough for us to eat as our meal and take some home for later!     It seriously makes me happy! 

Now that I have discussed all these foods that I have gone without for the last 8 weeks and am craving them.. I am going to have to take my hungry self to bed!

Daniel's list gets to make it on here too, just because I am enjoying thinking and talking about food!

1) Chips Queso and fresh Salsa 
2) Mortons The Steakhouse involving Chicken Christopher, Wedge Salad, and Shrimp Alexander 
3)BBQ Bacon chicken pizza
4) Guacamole, Buffalo Blasts, Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory.
5) Chili Burger and Frozen hot Chocolate from Serendipity 3

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