Friday, April 8, 2011


I dislike driving!  If you know me well and have been around long enough to hear me tell a story  it has prob had something to do with driving.  Spring break my senior year in HS, I lost a good friend in a car accident.   To this day, that is one of the worst weeks of my life.

After that, I was scared to death to drive I was 18 and in my second semester of college when I was forced to get my drivers license after my parents who had been taking me to college daily put their foot down and made me.  I reluctantly took my drivers test, failing it the first time being told by the tester  "You are the worst driver I have ever seen and I would feel like I am dangering society if I passed you".  I returned two weeks later and aced my test with a handful of others that had tested the first time the same day I did and received the same speech.

I am a back seat driver, I am the girl that gets car sick if you take a turn to fast, I am that girl with the foot that is always in the passenger seat hitting the break pedal.  I can't help it, there are a few people that I can ride with and it not bother me, but usually I am the first one to offer to drive.  

Two funny stories about me driving! 

2001 when I was in college mom and dad had a huge blue Mini van.  They were working on me driving so in the morning I would drive to IUS, with dad and my brothers.  So dad doing a great job instructing me on how to drive asked me while I was going 65 on the highway to put the car in Overdrive.  SO doing exactly as I am told.. while not slowing down I shift the car OVER drive, which happens to be PARK.  So instantly the van start's bouncing, and making horrible noises.  My dad cussing, yells at me to pull over, and me being the safe driver I am informed him that there was NO place for me to pull off to.  The wheel gets jerked out of my hand he pulls the van over into the emergency lane.. I will end this story here, its cleaner that way!!

2005 Daniel and I go on vacation to the Outer Banks, NC.  We are on this stretch of road two lanes and there are sand dunes on both sides for MILES, I am talking 30-40 miles. There are cars pulled off into the sand on both sides where people have parked and climbed over the sand hills to go to the beach.  So Daniel and I decided that we wanted to pull over so that we could walk on over and see the water.  So I find spot, and pull over into the sand doing about 45ish.  I have never pulled over into sand before, and wasn't expecting the sand cloud that POOF'd up as I hit the sand .. nor was I expecting the car to dig into the sand as it did.  Daniel actually yelled at me as this happened.  We get out of the car, which was really hard to do .. since the car was buried in sand.  Somehow because ONLY one of my story's could end this way.  Two Wrestlers on the way to the gym happened to pass us .. pulled over and between the two of them picked (YES PICKED) our car up with their bare hands .. and placed it back on the road.  Telling us they would take no money, and that we needed to continue to do God's work, as they had done for us.

So this brings us to 2011, and Wednesday.  Daniel calls me after work and tells me he is on his way home.  So I start dinner and start getting ready for work.  About 10 minutes later Daniel calls me back and tells me he was in a automobile accident about 2 blocks from our house.  I will post more on this later!!  He is home and well now, on pain med's and muscle relaxers a few days off from work and he should be back to normal .. our poor car might be another story!  Did I mention last week Daniel and I hit a deer in the other car?? 

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