Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Brother in Law the Mouth Piece of America

This is just a few days in the life of being married into the Henderson family...


So Wednesday was unusual to start with! Lets go ahead and add on all of this.  I get a text while I am sleeping Wednesday that my Brother in law is going to be on ABC World News that evening talking about the possible Government shutdown.  Here is how it all started! Then the car accident happens (see previous post) and we end up watching the interview in the ER.  ABC Interview here!

So we have a laugh because it was just the craziest thing to see J.T, Natalie and Tedi on TV.  Daniel and I leave the ER that night, and don't really think anything else about it getting caught up in more personal drama.  Later that night JT calls and tells us to turn on the TV that President Obama was giving a press conference and apparently had mentioned J.T by name several times.  I jumped online and look it up and sure enough there it was  Obama mentions JT click here!.  Daniel and I seriously sat and just laughed wondering did that really happen.  How strange was that? I know I listened to it 10 times just cracking up.  Daniel and I went to bed late that night talking to his brother a few times after that and went to sleep that night wondering where it was all going to lead if anywhere. 


My phone alarms with a text message at 0650 saying that J.T would be on Good Morning America at 0700.  So Daniel and I jump up, well I jump up and  assisted Daniel up since the soreness from the car accident had started to kick in.  There J.T was on GMA, CRAZINESS!! GMA clip here!!.  That soon was followed by J.T being on a local radio show here in Louisville, him doing another phone interview with Laura Ingraham (interesting) Hear Interview here!.
MSNBC did a really nice Interview with photo's that I can't find it was by far my favorite!  Followed by two stories done by one of our local TV stations WHAS.  ONE OF THE WHAS Stories!

Daniel and I had a meeting that night for our weight loss program (we are down a total of 74 pounds!!) so on the way there we stopped by to see what all was going on and watched Tedi while ABC filmed another spot for Thursdays nightly news.  That was really interesting to see how it all happens, they pretty much brought a entire set to J.T and Nat's house to film the small clips that you saw on the news. Thursdays ABC Interview!

This photo is them setting up, and us getting ready to take Tedi outside!

It was a crazy 24 hours! Amazing, hilarious, eye opening as to how people judge things by only what they hear.  It really gave me a lot of respect for J.T more so then I did, he never wavered and didn't get lost in other issues.  His whole reason for speaking out and why he spoke out never changed no matter who or what attempted to steer him in other directions.
This is going to be one of the crazy stories when we get old that we can look back on and say "Remember when". 

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